Doug Reynolds Real Estate has upgraded their Marketing Department to better serve Buyers, Sellers and Investors in Sacramento Real Estate

We’ve Upgraded our 
Marketing Department !!!

My Daddy is working hard every day to provide you with great real estate content so that you can stay up to speed with the current market. Pwease like him on Facebook, Subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow his blogNew stuff is added nearly every day and its also a great way to refer a buddy, co-worker, family member or play-date that needs to buy or sell in the Sacramento AreaDid you know that: there is currently more demand for houses in our area than there is supply and that a few more homes on the market in our area would be a good thing, the current buyers would quickly absorb that extra supplyor that Mortgage interest rates are now lower than they have ever been in historyWell, dont worry, my Daddy knows all that and even moreThanks for supporting him.

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He loves referrals. It means he can work with people just like you!