"Batter UP" - time for College-Glen Little League sign ups

College-Glen Little League sign ups are going on right now.  Here's the info from their website: http://www.collegeglenlittleleague.com/


We are excited to announce that College Glen Little League is going to offer online registration this year!
This will allow families to easily register their player(s) from the comfort of their own home and pay registration fees by credit card, check or cash.  This new process also allows the parent/guardian to input all the needed information, ensuring that names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. are correct.  Once the family has logged on, their information will be saved and thus registration every year after this one will be even easier.  This new system will also allow the league to effectively communicate with each family regarding important dates and other information.

There are several forms that will be automated and in some cases once you read them you will simply need to check a box indicating that you have read
and understand each one.  Due to Little League guidelines, we will still have to hold what we will be calling a “Documents Day”.  During “Documents
Day”, you will be choosing which CGLL event you would like to volunteer for, turning in your volunteer deposit check, submitting your 3 proofs of residency
and birth certificate (birth certificate only required if you are new to CGLL this year).  However, this process should be much faster than prior years, since all other registration documents will have been completed online.

We are hoping that everyone will take advantage of this new online registration and save all of us time during the registration process.  If you have any
questions, you can contact the CGLL Registrar Jenny Wirtz at collegeglenlittleleague@hotmail.com

 We are looking forward to another great season at College Glen Little League!
2014 CGLL Registration Information:Eligibility: Boys and Girls between the ages of 4-14 (as of 4/30/14) living within College Glen Little League district boundaries (the area bound on the south by Folsom Blvd, on the west by CSUS, on the east by Bradshaw & on the north by the American River). 

clear skies,

Doug Reynolds