U-verse is finally coming to College-Glen...

...I know, i know, it's been available to a very small amount of homes in the south-east corner of Glenbrook but now it's going to be available for all of College-Glen!!

I found this out while going on an "adventure walk" with my three year old daughter (that usually just means her digging holes, throwing some rocks and getting so dirty we need to hose her down before re-entering the house).  I chatted with the workers outside of their AT&T service trucks on La Riviera near the river access trail.

You can have AT&T contact you via email when it becomes available in our neighborhood.  Go to this AT&T site: www.att.com/u-verse/availability enter your address.  It will most likely say not available for your house yet.  Click the Notify Me button and then enter your email address.

The worker i spoke with said they were finishing up this week and then corporate needs to take care of things on their end to make it fully operational.  His guess was "within a month or two, but hopefully sooner."

I find this great news for our neighborhood.  Giving us another high speed internet option so we can keep our bills down.  I'm not promoting AT&T i just think the more competition between service providers the better the rate.  Here's to hoping :)