Evolution of Cash vs. Conventional vs. FHA in the Sacramento Real Estate Market

Just thought i'd post a quick blog today about the evolution of what types of buyers have been in the market over the past 5 years.  Let's take a quick look to see what happened, where we are at today and potentially what is to come in the near future.

Here's the percentages of sales according to the type of buyer.

As you can see from the chart, Cash sales were at a high in 2012-2013.  While FHA buyers were struggling at that time to get accepted offers and hit a low in 2013.  Since then, the cash buyers have slowed down a bit and that has allowed more opportunity for the FHA buyers to purchase more homes as well as more Conventional loan products have become available in the past three years.  SO you can see how more conventional sales are going through as well.

That's a MACRO look at the Sacramento REal Estate market, as a whole.  Lets now take a MICRO look at an individual neighborhood.  Let's look at my great neighborhood of College-Glen, near the American river and Watt ave.

As you can see, there are a few similarities but not much of a mirror image there.  This shows the difference in analyzing the market from a large scale and then from a small neighborhood perspective.  Looking at the county as a whole can give you a broad perspective but it really might not be exactly what is going on in your specific neighborhood.

Bottom line, most neighborhoods in the Sacramento Area are seeing more Conventional and FHA buyers purchasing homes than Cash buyers.  The biggest reason is that since home prices have increased over the past three years, the properties are no longer as good of deals for cash investors any more.

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