Interesting World of Real Estate - 8/6/2015

Since i became a full time Sacramento Real Estate agent, i have seen and heard many strange/funny/odd/weird/interesting things.  A lot of times i get to see things many people would not in their job since i am inside of so many homes and interacting with some many different people from all walks of life.  Here's a quick look at my latest interesting "thing."

I was not a part of this this sale at all, it was just a home in my neighborhood ( #CollegeGlen ) that i viewed before and after it was flipped.  The pictures on top are of the home when the bank foreclosed and put the house on the market as a fixer.  The bottom photos are the same house after an investor bought it and flipped the property.  Pretty big difference huh?  Also goes to show you should really be careful when purchasing a flipped property.  Make sure to get excellent inspections because you don't necessarily know the condition of the property before and also what quality of work was done.
#SacramentoRealEstate #IsThatApoolOrAswamp ?


clear skies,
Doug Reynolds