Interesting World of Real Estate - 10/22/2015

Since i became a full time Sacramento Real Estate agent, i have seen and heard many strange/funny/odd/weird/interesting things.  A lot of times i get to see things many people would not in their job since i am inside of so many homes and interacting with some many different people from all walks of life.  Here's a quick look at my latest interesting "thing."

#InterestingWorldofRealEstate : This week is two Things i came across recently.  The first is a common object around the #Sacramento area.  Many of us have seen the metal people/objects around the Arden Arcade area that in front yards or in front of businesses made out of old car mufflers/parts.  They are interesting and creative.  But i have never seen one in a backyard.  This baseball man was in the back yard of a house in #ArdenPark i recently toured.  I thought it was really cool and was a little jealous.  The second photo i had never seen before either.  If you look closely it's a planter that is growing out of the frame of a cat.  Pretty cool for those cat/plant lovers out there. #HeyBatterBatterBatterBatter  #TimeToWaterTheCat   


clear skies,
Doug Reynolds