College-Glen Quarterly Real Estate Update - Q4 2015

Now that the Fourth Quarter of 2015 is finished, here’s a look back at Q4 and comparing it to last quarter and a year ago.  This is only for College-Glen (College Greens & Glenbrook) single family homes.

The fourth quarter for College-Glen real estate was really 2 things: 1) Your typical end of the year slow down and 2) A price sensitive market. 

College-Glen and the Sacramento market as a whole has returned to a “traditional market” that follows a pretty regular cycle.  Sales are slow to start the year, pick up in the spring, hit their peak in the summer, taper off a bit in the fall and then really slow down during the holidays and winter.

The over-priced properties are sitting but the ones that show great and are priced at an attractive value are getting sold. It is currently crucial for sellers to get their home in good showing condition and price the    property correctly from the start to attract the most amount of buyers as soon as you come on the market. I expect the 2016 to be another strong year in College-Glen due to buyer demand and some limited inventory.  The first quarter will start off slow and then things will really pick up in the spring.

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Doug Reynolds