Interesting World of Sacramento Real Estate - 1/28/2016

Since i became a full time Sacramento Real Estate agent, i have seen and heard many strange/funny/odd/weird/interesting things.  A lot of times i get to see things many people would not in their job since i am inside of so many homes and interacting with some many different people from all walks of life.  Here's a quick look at my latest interesting "thing."

#InterestingWorldofRealEstate: Today's photo was taken at a vacant property for sale in my Neighborhood of #CollegeGlen .  From the first photo you can see i walked to the side of the house to get the key from the lockbox on the gas meter.  Then i noticed some shoe string tied to the fence.  I looked closer and the shoe string was all that kept the gate "Locked."  Maybe the homeowner is hoping that a potential thief of their home is a kindergardener and hasn't mastered the art of tying and untying their shoes yet.  Otherwise, about two seconds for anyone and they can be in the backyard. Not the greatest antitheft device.  #SacramentoRealEstate #ShoeStringAlarmsCompany  #IcantGetThisDoubleKnotUntied


clear skies,
Doug Reynolds