Interesting World of Sacramento Real Estate - 1/14/2016

Since i became a full time Sacramento Real Estate agent, i have seen and heard many strange/funny/odd/weird/interesting things.  A lot of times i get to see things many people would not in their job since i am inside of so many homes and interacting with some many different people from all walks of life.  Here's a quick look at my latest interesting "thing."

#InterestingWorldofRealEstate:  Today's photo was taken a few years back, i recently came across it while scanning through some old pictures in Google Photos.  This was a bank owned home.  I'm standing in a loft area looking down on the living room.  That is the angled/vaulted ceiling, just completely destroyed.  The entire house was like this: all the appliances missing, holes in walls, doors broken, you name.  The sad thing is that this was a pretty common site at the height of the foreclosure peak in Sacramento.  For a few years, nearly half of the homes i went inside had similar damage (typically not as bad but still damage none the less).  I decided to post as shock to some people that maybe never saw this kind of stuff and also a reminder of unfortunately how bad things were for the economy/real estate/american family at that time. #SacramentoRealEstate #IthinkWeMightHaveAleak #PutSomeDuctTapeOnIt 


clear skies,
Doug Reynolds